Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Sep 12, 2007 at 12:00 am

Either those cats cool it, man, or Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #136 won't proudly present the future of electronic sonic exotica!

Various ArtistsWattstax (Stax) :: The black Woodstock.

Various ArtistsCharlie Wattstax (ABKCO) :: The black Altamont.


SpacekittiGalaxy (Dart) :: So there I was, doing the seedy sidewalk shuffle late one night, when all of a sudden I hear this compelling cacophony of chaos detonating out the door of a corner bar. Instantly in love, I walk in and am I stunned to see this bodacious blond bombshell with a binary brain sitting all by her lonesome onstage with a guitar slung across her lap, hammering out cosmic coruscating sheets of rampant ambient drone, all mega-amped up to the nillionth hyperwatt degree like she's the new hard-wired industrial age Nico. Letting the amateurs stay safely ensconced at the back, I stood at the front of the stage and watched as this woman single-handedly sculpted an aural psychetecture that evoked everything from Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze to Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

After I recovered, I scooped up a copy of her record Galaxy and took it home, fully expecting to wallow in a marathon drone session. Instead, I found a concise set of five pop songs primed to a percolating electropulse. How do I love it? Let me count the ways: "Fearless" is a whispering wash that evokes the best of early Ralf and Florian when they were still a duo; "High Strung" is a rapid-fire foggy mental breakdown; "Nobody Cares" is a deliriously disjointed herky-jerk that out-deadpans Annette Peacock; "Strung Out" is a minimal off-world space sitar recital; and "Ibizakitti" is a languid flow house drone.

But as great as Galaxy is, it's just a foretaste of what this woman is capable of doing. In her hands, the guitar is a time-spanning teleportation device through which all matter is made malleable as she spans the cosmos, traversing the space between the notes.

She is Spacekitti. Spacekitti is Jilli Dart. And Jilli Dart is the future of electronic sonic exotica.

It's been real!

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