Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Sep 27, 2006 at 12:00 am

Got me a date and I can't be late! Pick her up in my MB88!

Buckaroo Banzai & The Hong Kong Cavaliers —No Matter Where You Go There You Are: Live at Artie's Artery (Yoyodyne) :: Includes the hit singles "Since I Don't Have You" and "Rocket 88." More power to them!

Scissorfight — Jaggernaut (Hydra Head) :: Chuck "Barfly" Bukowski once wrote an alkie article in Creem about the Stones named "Jaggernaut." Sadly, this watered-down disc doesn't live up to the potential of that 100-proof title.

Velvet — The Juggernaut (Double Decker Bus) :: But this one sure does! Soaring harmonies and chiming music make this an intelligent guitar-fueled modern melodic version of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Bolan.

Hour of the Wolf — Power of the Wolf (Limekiln) :: Ramones meet Metallica. Ingmar Bergman meets his lawyer.

Arma — A Century's Remains (Rthmtc) :: If these two guys could sing a fraction as well as they play, they just might be contenders. Next time, either hire a singer with an original personality or stick with the heavy art rock instrumentals.

Tacoma Redd — A Momentary Misfortune (Skylar) :: The local torso-tossin' cleavage heaver says she loves to peel down to this kind of panty-wetting power pop 'cause her tappin' toes tell her to go with her flow.

Olivia Elton John — Physical (Rocket) :: And a girl should always listen to her body talk, body talk.


The 88 — Over and Over (EMK/Mootron) :: One of the hardest vibes for modern music practitioners to get right is that classic '70s Brit glam rock sound, but these crazy 88s have managed to beat the odds by merging the best of Davies' cobblestone pub soap operas, Hunter's crash street love stories and Bowie's lady grinning theatour days in one primo produced package that's brimming with enough intelligent rock music to knock you for a loop — so stop reading this hackneyed run-on sentence and go buy it now. Oh, and there really aren't 88 of them, they just call themselves that. I guess they think it sounds cool.

Be seeing you!

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