Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Sep 20, 2006 at 12:00 am
S’wonderful! S’marvellous! S’MB87!

The GerschThe Gersch (Tortuga) :: Pinioned pig on the front. Hung human on the back. Pseudo demento guitar rock betwixt.

The WinThe Win (Georgeira) :: Geddit?

BlacklistedThe Beat Goes On (Deathwish) :: Dumb keep poundin’ jism to the lame.

Jim NoirTower of Love (My Dad) :: Wouldn’t it be nice if Brian Wilson and the Beatles recorded a jaunty pop album together?

Brian Wilson — "The Spirit of Rock ’n’ Roll" (unreleased) :: Wouldn’t it be nicer if Brian Wilson and Bob Dylan actually did record a song together?

Brian WilsonSweet Insanity (unreleased) :: Wouldn’t it be nicest if the solo album it appeared on had actually been released?

AntlerNothing That a Bullet Couldn’t Cure (Small Stone) :: The rock ’n’ roll maniacs at Small Stone are back with another hard rockin’ record that just might be the Best Western-themed album since the James Gang checked in. But the next time you cowpokes pose for a photo, make sure you lose the sunglasses and toque first, eh?

MugisonMugimama! Is This Monkey Music? (Ipecac) :: No Lucy, this is cacaloo Ricky Retardo music. It’s also further proof that yesterday’s insane asylums are today’s independent music labels. If Frances Farmer were alive today, she’d be signed to Trans-Orbital Records.

Professor MurderProfessor Murder Rides the Subway (Kanine) :: Do you like cowbells? (Say, what if Eno had produced Malcolm McLaren’s Duck Rock?) Do you like synthesizers? (Say, what if Malcolm McLaren had produced Eno’s Here Come The Warm Jets?) Do you like Devocals? (Say what?)

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Old Crow Medicine ShowBig Iron World (Nettwerk) :: In the best Masked Marauders tradition, "Down Home Girl" effortlessly combines the freewheelin’ drawl of Dylan, the hard day’s harp of Lennon and the moonlight guitar of Krieger. But Dylan never wrote a line like "I swear your perfume baby is made outta turnip greens, every time I kiss you girl it tastes like pork and beans." Come to think of it, neither did Jim "Dandy" Mangrum. And that’s just the first song.

Be seeing you!

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