Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Aug 30, 2006 at 12:00 am
Beware the savage jaw of MB84!

Leon RussellLeon Live (Shelter) :: Most creative album title ever!

Ray Davies & The Shelter PeopleThe Kinks of Leon (Cola) :: Geddit?

Ambulance LtdNew English EP (TVT) :: Their last record sucked cockney but this new one shows an impressive maturity that’s derivative of the Rubber Soul fabs.

North and SouthThe Spirit That Guides Us (Goodfellow) :: They don’t pay me enough to listen to faceless immature twaddle like this.

So They SayAntidote for Irony (Fearless) :: Really they don’t.

The FeniansEvery Day’s a Hooley (Mizen Head) :: The Irish Rovers bedding Boiled in Lead is how endearing this fifth of Fenians is. Even better, the title track is a sly sequel of sorts to the old Kingston Trio hit "Tom Dooley," so don’t hang down your head and cry.

The Rolling StonesExile on Sesame St. (Children’s Television Workshop) :: OK, now you can hang down your head and cry.

OxbowLove That’s Last (Hydra Head) :: Hey kids, do you like violence? Well, I’m kinda Fonda this Oxbow incident, so step right up and hear the bitch battle of the century as Diamanda Galás meets Marianne Faithful in a slaughterhouse slugfest.

Paris HiltonDouchebag Über Alles (Hansa) :: Heil der neu Nico!

The SaladsThe Big Picture (Kindling) :: Pantera power-pounding meets Van Halen guitar dexterity meets Peter Gabriel social scruples meets a smood dasha de island beat, mon.

David BowieDavid Live (RCA) :: Most creative album title ever!

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Derek MillerThe Dirty Looks (Curve) :: A veritable studio sound track to his live show, Derek cranks out his distinctive brand of guitar-fueled barn-burnin’ blues rock with all the possessed intensity of a man who’s made midnight deals at every sulphuric crossroads from here to hell and back. That’s why I gotta give the devil his due and say that this hard rockin’ record delivers on all counts. Better loosen that tie, ’cause things are only going to get a lot hotter from here on in.

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