Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout

Aug 2, 2006 at 12:00 am
Who shot MB80?

J.R. EwingMaelstrom (Dim Mak) :: You’re not dreaming in a prison shower, this unreasonable metal screamonstrosity sounds just like Ozzy ’n’ Alice ’n’ Ig, oh my!

The AdoredA New Language (V2) :: Ramonesish perky percolating power pop guaranteed to purify your aural palette.

KnutAlter (Hydra Head) :: Think their band name is clev — oh, sorry, I already used that one-liner. Well then, suffice it to say that these 14 tracks have enough remixed industrial menace to make Farmer’s Market sound like Pete Seeger on valium.

FlattbushSeize The Time (Koolarrow) :: I’m told that these hammer and sickle-sporting screamanicacs "bring Filipino political rage hard and raw to the States." Good thing I live in Canada.

Grant-Lee Phillipsnineteeneighties (Zoë) :: This is the on-the-nod acoustic album Eric Clapton would record today if old Spikehand were still strung out on smack and had a craving to carve up 11 antique melodies ranging from "Wave Of Mutilation" to the anal sex classic "Love My Way."

Toni Basil – "Mickey" (Capitol) :: And speaking of anal sex classics, she’s still the only woman to offer to take it up the ass on Top 40 radio.

Led ZeppelinIn Through The Out Door (Swan Song) :: What did you think the title meant?

Prince – "Raspberry Beret" (Paisley Park) :: What did you think "She walked in through the out door" meant?

Led Zeppelin"Since I’ve Been Loving You" (Atlantic) :: What did you think "I open my front door, hear my back door slam" meant?

The Doors"Back Door Man" (Elektra) :: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Priddy neat, priddy neat! Priddy good, priddy good! Alright!

Greeley EstatesFar From The Lies (Record Collection) :: Music to take prison showers by. Careful with that soap, Eugene …

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Blood BrothersLove Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck (V2) :: Are you ready for a quirky spastic cabaret cross between the Clash and Marilyn Manson? How about Suicide and Diamanda Galás? Either way, the hills are alive with the sound of stuck pig music.

Be squealing you!