Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout

May 10, 2006 at 12:00 am

Give 'em enough MB70!

The Clash — Sandradeesta! (Epic) :: They all laughed when Elton John re-formed the Only Band that Matters. Well, they're not laughing now.

Mick Jagger — Let's Rob Mick Jagger (ABC) :: It's about time. After all, he's been stealing from us ever since the Stones released Keith's Head Goof.

Noisettes — Three Moods Of The Noisettes (Low Altitude) :: Their rip-roarin' vocals are faster than the Pointer Sisters on speed, and their band is more muscular than a Mr. Olympia posedown.

Blue October — Foiled (Universal) :: What radical new record will make your soul ache with heartfelt passion? Rats, Foiled. What ambitious new album will make you remember why you like literate rock? Darn, Foiled. What dramatic new disc takes the prog rock spirit of Peter Gabriel's Genesis and admirably modernizes it into the future? Curses, Foiled again.

Matt Costa — Songs We Sing (Brushfire) :: This singer-songwriter hooked me by sounding like the second coming of gentle acoustic Donovan ("Astair"), but when he switched to hard rockin' electric Donovan ("Sweet Thursday") he reeled me in. You'll be landed and left breathless when you hear him too.


Big 10-4 — Big 10-4 (Universal) :: "Well, I'm the one they call the walking disaster" is a kind of heartfelt lyric that instantly grabs my attention much in the same way that almost being smearcased on the sidewalk by a falling piano does. The vocals are tough yet passionate, the guitars jangle like sheet metal lightning, and the drums thunder with enough tenpin power to make Henry Hudson proud. And while I'd never be snooty enough to say that I've heard the future of rock 'n' roll, I would advise Bruce Springsteen to roll over and tell the E Street Band the news.

Be seeing you!

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