Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Mar 15, 2006 at 12:00 am

Cigars? Cigarettes? MB63?

Bill Charlap & Sandy Stewart — Love is Here to Stay (Blue Note) :: Sparse solo piano and sultry chanteuse singing that'll transform your dire digs into a smoky nightclub circa 1957. Ashtray and coaster not included.

Circa Survive — Juturna (Equal Vision) :: Swirling spastic spin-dizzy songs that'll haunt your hovel for hours. Gravol and Imitrex not included.

Death From Above 1979 — Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes and B Sides (Last Gang) :: Nothing like releasing a fast-buck career-stalling remix album that exposes how paper-thin your abrasive retardo-distorto-techno NIN shtick really is. Originality and ... aw, fergeddit.

Man Man — Six Demon Bag (Ace Fu) :: Remember that drag musical in Escape From New York? Well, so does this Tom Waits meets Frank Zappa band.

New York Dolls — Too Little Too Late (Roadrunner) :: Just kidding. I hope.

The Perms — Better Days (Hugtight) :: A power-pop band with a horny horn section and leering lead singers who sound like Leon Russell and Randy Newman is a great idea whose time has come today.

Sonic Syndicate — Eden Fire (Nettwerk) :: Now here's something new: rock songs based on the book of Revelations.

The Beatles — "Revolution 9" (Apple) :: Something New, geddit?

The Beatles — "Helter Skelter" (Apple) :: They invented screamo too.


The Beatles — The Beatles (Apple) :: This murky mishmash is a sunken slice of seismic miasma that begins with a Beach Boys parody ("Back In The USSR") and penultimates with the above-noted nine minute John Cage meets William S. Burroughs tape collage before tucking you in at the end with a sincere children's lullaby ("Good Night"). If you really wanna know why it's called The White Album, next time focus on its latent spirituality.

Be seeing you!

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