Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Jan 11, 2006 at 12:00 am

In verity? MB57 varieties! • Thine Eyes Bleed — In the Wake of Separation (The End) :: Mine ears bleed. • Wolf Parade — Apologies to Queen Mary (Sub Pop) :: What if Bowie and Ronson had recorded Hunky Dory while stewed to the gills on a case of scotch? • The Dead Science — Frost Giant (Absolutely Kosher) :: Nasty canasta Mexicano melodies merged with woozy wasted wastrel wails. • Detonation — Portals to Uphobia (Osmose Productions) :: Prog metal? I dunno, but it’s amazing how palatable screamo vocals can be when they’re shored up by solid production and a relentless brace of burgeoning bludgeoning beats. • Aaron Lines — Waitin’ on the Wonderful (BMG) :: He may strike a Paddy Smiff meets Zimmer pose on the inner tray photo, but he sure sings like the sincere second coming of classic country. • Epoch of Unlight — The Continuum Hypothesis (The End) :: Gosh, I miss the Obsessed. • Agents of the Sun — Monarchs of a Fallen Society (DCide) :: What at first blush appears to be the usual slapdash hodgepodge of generic angst pop is quickly quelled by the swirling dashes of Kirk Hammett guitar work. • ABSU — Mythological Occult Metal 1991—2001 (Osmose Productions) :: And then this compilation of feelth metal’s greatest grates and rarest wracks comes along to show everyone where it began and who to blame. • SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Chromelodeon — Heart of Sawdust (Bloodlink) :: Any band that names itself after an obscure Harry Partch work gets my vote right off the bat — especially when they title their six songs an economically minimal “One” through “Six.” But when all six are prog rock instrumentals á la Nash the Slash, well, when I say I’m in love, you best believe I’m in love, l-u-v. • Be seeing you!

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