Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout

Oh, thank heaven for MB11! • Ron ArtestMotor City Madhouse (NBA) :: Bill Cosby is right. • B.I.G. Reloaded (Slaystation) :: Play online as either Biggie or 2Pac and solve the conspiracy! Assault and battery not included. • Ali Shaheed MuhammadShaheedullah And Stereotypes (Penalty) :: Shaheed my words because this stereo tripe isn’t dullah, it’s duller. • The BonesStraight Flush Ghetto (Liquor and Poker) :: Some people think the world has had enough of noisy rock songs. But I listen to these funky punkabillys and I see it isn’t so. • Sarah FimmNexus (self-released) :: Earnest and plaintive, this sultry synthesiren is the new and improved Peter Gabriel. Which makes her a whole lot easier on the ears and, especially, the eyes. • Million Dollar MarxistsGive It A Name (Gearhead) :: Frothing like a dog that’s been infected by the rabies, this hard-rocking quintet ain’t no million-dollar maybe. • Morris TepperHead Off (Candlebone) :: Remember how Dylan was rumored to have secretly recorded an album while he was in seclusion after his motorcycle accident left him temporarily brain damaged? Well, here it is. • NitromuskThings I’ve Done (Stratospheric) :: The Rutles meet Cheap Trick. Surrender, but don’t give your day job away because the Delete Police are calling your name. • SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK:Dry Kill LogicThe Dead and Dreaming (Repossession) :: Lead screamer Cliff Rigano is smart enough to know that variety is the spice of life and man enough to show the world that he can also actually sing. Factor in stellar musicianship and shrewd arrangements and you have the reason why DKL is one small step away from rightfully claiming the heavy metal throne. • Be seeing you!

Jeffrey Morgan is a freelance writer for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected]
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