Instagram SEO: How to make more people find you on Instagram

Jun 29, 2020 at 11:37 am
Instagram SEO: How to make more people find you on Instagram
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Don’t you find it ridiculous that despite the fact that there are over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, your profile has less than a few thousand followers? Some people even have less than a thousand!

Not sure how that makes you feel, but if I were you, I wouldn’t sleep or rest until a reasonable percentage of the total number of Instagram users starts following me.

But how will I achieve this? You may wonder!

Well, I will either buy automatic Instagram followers or learn about the techniques I can use to attract more followers. Or better still, combine both tactics.

While you can easily follow the link above to buy Instagram followers, I’d suggest that you read this post till the end because it contains everything you need to know about making more people find you on Instagram.

Bring in followers from other channels

Not many Instagrammers look in the direction of their other social media accounts when it comes to adding to the numbers on their Instagram following.

If you’re like many of these people, the chances are that you’ve got at least quadruple the size of your friends on Instagram on other channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok.

Since most of your friends on these channels are also on Instagram, why not extend a hand of friendship to them on Instagram? It is as simple as telling them, "Hey, I'm on Instagram. This is my handle; follow me."

If you can’t go through the stress of hitting them up one after the other, you can create a BC and add everyone to the BC list.

In addition, you can send the same BC to all the groups you belong to on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other online channels.

Link your Instagram to other channels

Simply sending BCs or DMs to people on other channels may not be enough to convince some headstrong friends to follow you. Not to mention, you’ll also miss out on reaching those that aren’t your friends on these other platforms.

What then is the solution?

Link your Instagram account to other social media accounts! It is that simple. Linking to other accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., tells all your friends/followers on these other platforms that you’re on Instagram and dishing out amazing content.

To further increase the reach of your link, you can use tags on your posts so that people that aren’t yet your friends on these platforms can also see your amazing post and probably take the initiative to follow you.

Once you allow Instagram to feed your posts to Twitter or Facebook, users will be directed back to your IG profile. And those users following you on other platforms will be able to find your profile more easily.

Instagram SEO: How to make more people find you on Instagram
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Content optimization

Just like we have it with Google and YouTube search algorithms, Instagram also has its own SEO approach, which allows people to see content that closely matches their recent activities, even though they don't follow the creators.

Through the aid of a tech called “Image recognition,” Instagram can categorize your photos according to the type of content they match, thereby displaying them to people who are already interested in similar content, but who haven’t seen your account yet.

But for Instagram to categorize your content, you need to optimize them appropriately. First, your content should be easily distinguishable: is it a face, a book, or a landscape? Also, image quality sometimes plays a key role. Not to forget captions, too. They can help Instagram easily classify your photos.

Use Alt Text appropriately

Adding ALT text to your photos on Instagram is now a no-brainer. Since ALT texts came onto the scene, many Instagrammers have used them to achieve visibility in the midst of vast competitions, while Instagram itself has also relied on it heavily in classifying content.

Now, if someone searches for “Ramadan Ram,” and you posted a photo of your ram last Ramadan WITH ALT TEXT, your photo will appear.

If private, the searcher will most likely follow you to learn more about your photo. To learn more about Instagram ALT text, you can click here.

Create Contests, Special Offers and Give-Aways

Contests and campaigns will attract more users to your page. For example, you can drive traffic to your website or sell your product by running a contest: ask users to 'like,' 'comment,' 'hashtag,' or tag a friend. When followers tag friends, it exposes your brand to additional Instagram followers.

Research and use quality Hashtags

One of the primary purposes of hashtags is to expose content to a greater audience. If your hashtags are relevant and qualitative, more people will find and follow you. But the common practice amongst most Instagrammers is to just write anything that comes to their mind next to the “hash symbol (#).” For example, some people would have hashtags like #happy, #Cantwait, #Celebration, #travel next to their posts, without even knowing what those hashtags imply on Instagram and where they reach.

This has got to stop! Before you add any hashtag to your post, be sure to research their relevance using tools like “tagboard.” That way, you’ll know whether the word you’re placing next to the hash symbol on your post is, indeed, relevant to your post and target audience.

Set Up a Social Profile Schema for Instagram

Google allows you to use to tell them which social media profiles belong to you. If your brand gets a card in the Knowledge Graph, your social media profiles show up there.

Ask your developer to review the documentation on how to employ structured data for your social profile and ensure that your Instagram account is included.