In The Flesh

Nov 16, 2005 at 12:00 am

His Name is Alive
Sunday, Oct. 30
Cake Shop, New York City

Promoted as a Devil’s Night, Detroit-only showcase, the diverse sounds (His Name Is Alive with Living Flames and the Wolf Man Band) did well to satisfy a notoriously tough Lower East Side crowd.

In a neighborhood frequented by such multi-culti art rock stars as Gogol Bordello, and one known as a hotbed of “gypsy punk” activity, openers the Living Flames’ accordion-augmented show came off a bit pedestrian — though the crowd seemed fascinated by the vocal harmonies of the pretty chanteuses. All wiles finally seceded when the band’s attempt at stand-up was met with awkward silence.

The ever-evolving HNIA — its most recent incarnation boasts the atmospheric vocals of singer Andi FM and a droning Indian shruti box — delivered a full-on show to devoted East Coast fans. The band’s impromptu, rock ’n’ roll version of ragtime classic “Your Momma Don’t Wear No Drawers” was a fitting climax.

Later, concertgoers were accosted and subsequently licked (yes, licked) by the costumed creatures of the Wolf Man Band, who then proceeded to dish canine-infused experimental rock ’n’ roll — wolf masks, paws and all.

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