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It’s been a long time coming. The Demolition Doll Rods sex-and-salvation magnum opus, TLA (on über indie Matador Records), has been out since August – but Margaret, Dan and Christine are just getting around to celebrating it in their hometown. You see, the girls have been on the road for the past month or two, honing their live show and working crowds into a lather. Reviews of the Doll Rods’ performances from around the country never fail to work in references to pastied titillation, but they’ve also been keen to highlight a certain polish and a zest for the exaltation of the rock spirit. Indeed, the Demo Doll Rods’ official Matador bio spends much ink discussing how the trio’s collective, er, soul was saved by rock ’n’ roll, as yours can be, for the price of admission. If TLA is any further evidence, the band has allowed itself to stretch out stylistically, embracing further forms of rock ’n’ roll wallop and wail, without ever jettisoning the rhythmic thump that makes asses bump. All this to say that, when the Demolition Doll Rods take to the stage this Saturday night at Ferndale’s Magic Bag (22920 Woodward Ave.) to celebrate their true love always, expect the unexpected. If you haven’t caught the Doll Rods in a while, you may want to show up this night, cuz we gotta share them with the world now. This Angels’ Night will be made complete by those mistresses of infectious two-minute punk rock, the Gore Gore Girls kicking off the show with Bantam Rooster howling at the moon before the headliners hit the stage. Call 248-544-3030 for more info.


Insane Clown Posse fans adore its annual Halloween homecoming show, much as their granddads flocked to those vintage painted demons who came before – horror-meisters Alice Cooper and KISS. OK, I guess "insane" is a kinda scary word (especially when describing ICP’s truly psychotic shtick), but Detroit’s candy sack is full of other musicians with names more in keeping with a Halloween show. For example, Witches are an ideal choice to conjure up crowds with their powerful brew of Crowley-ish psych-pop. Dark Carnival and Destroy All Monsters already share band members, so they’re a perfect pair for All Hallows’ Eve. Another possible double bill: Ghost World summoning chords from the underworld, with ready to send you there – butcher knife and computer cable at the ready. Yipes!

It’s not only rockers whose names invoke seasonal spookiness. Local promoters are missing some great opportunities here. Can’t you see Marcus Belgrave rising from a coffin as the stage lights slowly come up? DJ Bone could take to the booth dressed in tattered mummy rags. Or this announcement: "Art "Pump(k)in" Payne – in the (haunted) house!"

Granted, some local acts are taking advantage of their maniacal monikers on October 31 – Lanternjack plays St. Andrew’s Hall with the costume-and-make-up-friendly Queen Bee; and the Trash Brats and Gore Gore Girls promise to be your bloody valentine at Ferndale’s Magic Bag (see above).

Three recommendations: Wear black; don’t touch the dry ice; and if you really want to scare people silly, forget the clown makeup and wear an Iggy Pop mask. –K.F.

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