In one ear

Aug 18, 1999 at 12:00 am


A couple weeks ago I had a dream that left me smiling. Not a Jennifer Lopez-whipped cream-bikini dream. Better … well, almost. I’m on stage at Woodstock playing guitar with Bob Marley, and we’re jammin’ in front of an endless mass of fans. I look left, there’s David Lee Roth screaming along into a mike. I look right, Les Claypool is popping a slap-happy bass line. All of a sudden, the Beastie Boys jump in the mix while Stevie Wonder hums melodically on keyboards and John Bonham bangs a flaming gong.

Suddenly, I awoke, and was left thinking, "if only … "

Days later, that dream lingered and I started imagining the endless musical possibilities if superstars were bonded together. What if Flavor Flav and John Oates formed a duo named The Sidekicks; or James Iha, DJ Towa Tei, and Yoko Ono played together in The Senz-Asians? What kind of original sounds would they create?

A few dozen daydreams later, I started to run out of combo ideas, and decided to request input from other musicians. I surfed into the Sonic Metropolis Web site (self-plug), and started sending Sonic citizens with an e-mail address a note asking who would be chosen if they could form their own mega-band. Here’s one response –Vocals: Jim Nabors. Guitar: Tommy Bradford. Bass: Danny Bonaduce, Drums: Melody Pussycat, Backup: The Spice Girls. "Think of it! I might be drunk, but this is the best lineup ever." -The Ghettobillies. Not bad, I thought. But I’ll bet there’s better. If you’re a musician with a dream band, send me an e-mail. The best bands will be printed in an upcoming issue of MT, and your response will be linked to your band’s Sonic Metropolis Web page. –Jason Lymangrover


While the Woodward Dream Cruise won’t be rolling through Harmonie Park, the flash and rumble of classic tunes will be pumping from that district’s Hunter House this Thursday, August 19, as Harmonie Park Creative Group unleashes Cruisin’ Songs From the Motor City, the "Official CD of the Woodward Dream Cruise." Boasting 14 covers of four decades worth of classic car jammies (including, now get this, Bugs Beddow doing "Little Red Corvette," and the John Sinclair Band working Chuck Berry’s "No Money Down"), the CD promises at least an entertaining, at most inspired, take on Ameri-Car-Na as practiced through pop music. Other artists contributing intriguing takes include Stewart Francke ("Little Deuce Coupe"), project coordinator Liz Larin ("Fast Car") and Bonne Temps Roulle ("Lowrider"). If it be the summertime cruising experience ye seek without all of the attendant congestion that’ll be going down north of 8 Mile, head down to 1427 Randolph starting at 6 p.m. for the release soiree which will feature a jam by some of the participating artists and more car-related shenanigans. Call 313-965-4343 for more info. The CD will be available Dream Cruise weekend at all of the merchandise tents and at all Harmony House locations after the cruise smoke has cleared. –Chris Handyside


Never let it be said that Karen "Queen Bee" Neal is a woman of anything but continuous action. A mere coupla weeks after the not-so-amicable dissolution of the first Queen Bee lineup, Neal’s already buzzing ’round peeping new potential bandmates with an eye on Queen Bee’s return at the Oct. 7 film release celebration for It’s A Detroit Thing! at Hamtramck’s Motor. The film, which features footage of the now-defunct Queen Bee lineup, is a narrative in which, apparently, the Howling Diablos Tino (aka Martin Gross) is the main character. The flick’ll also spotlight some of Detroit’s other top-shelf talents such as Esham, Kid Rock, Sponge, Suicide Machines and more.

In the meantime, Neal says she’s keeping busy working on side projects. She’s been enlisted by Speedball’s Chuck Burns to team up as a "Hellacopters-ish, punk" trio along with former Hoarse mainman John Speck called, so far, the Schemin’ Nogoods. Also on the Bee burner is a project with Trash Brats frontman Brian "Oblivion" McCarty that’s shaping up as a conceptual "tribute album" to the fictional band, the Foxy Morons. Keep your ears peeled as details make themselves known. Visit the Queen Bee Web site.