Illegal machine gun conversion kits found in Detroit

click to enlarge Illegal machine gun conversion kits found in Detroit

Illegal gun conversion kits that can turn firearms into machine guns are showing up in Detroit.

The devices, which can convert any firearm into a fully automatic weapon, are linked to a Chinese website, where federal authorities suspect that thousands of them have been illegally imported into the U.S.

According to federal court records, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and Chicago customs officials found nearly 3,000 packages of gun conversion devices "that are believed to have been shipped into the U.S." under false customs declarations.

"In these instances where these conversion kits are used, you can pull the trigger once and that gun will continue to fire as a machine gun," Special Agent James Deir with the ATF told WDIV 4.

"We definitely do not want those devices out on the streets. If you look at what these devices are intended to do, (they) make it very easy for individuals to shoot rapid rounds." Deir said.

According to court records, federal agents found gun conversion kits in two homes in Detroit already. Federal authorities have also arrested people in Rhode Island and Chicago for possession of gun conversion kits.

“Even if an individual doesn't have that firearm yet, but they have taken steps to buy that conversion piece with an anticipation of buying the firearm, that conversion piece which can be a simple piece of metal is illegal to possess," Deir said.

The ATF warns that even if someone ordered these items thinking it was legal, they need to contact the ATF and surrender them. If a person is caught with the illegal device, prison sentences can range up to 10 years.

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