If you're drunk, don't stop to nap in the middle of I-75

Oct 13, 2010 at 10:41 am
Never stop to sleep on I-75 if you are drunk, especially if you’re wanted for drugs and drunken driving and your license is suspended, and ... you happen to be an  illegal immigrant.

According to the Oakland Press, it was not long after midnight on Monday and the pickup truck was just sitting there dead center on southbound I-75, somewhere near Rochester Road. Twenty-six year-old Rochester Hills man Miguel Rojas-Villanueva was stone-cold asleep behind the wheel with his foot on the brake, the engine running and the transmission in drive.

So how’d he do with the cops? Drunk? Check. Drugs? Check. Suspended license? Check. Did other cars slam on brakes so as not to smash into Mr. Rojas-Villanueva? Check. Is Fox 2 reporting that Rojas-Villanueva is an illegal immigrant? Check.

Rojas-Villanueva was charged with new and old infractions and jailed-up with a bond. Fox 2 reports that he's in the hands of the immigration folks. Watch vid.