I can handle it

Dec 26, 2001 at 12:00 am

After attending the super-fancy 7th Day Records launch party at the Roostertail, finishing off the pigs in a blanket, and getting my ass grabbed (accidentally?) on the way out, the label sent me the “clean version” of Forbidden Froot’s single, “Watchu Lookin’ At,” featuring Lil Jon. Although edited, it’s still a pretty hot track, which will be included on the artist’s soon-to-be-released second album, The Definition.

When the song was performed live at the Roostertail, “Whachu Lookin’ At” stretched to amazing lengths with dozens of MCs in the house each wanting to add their own 2 cents to the groove. The stage was quite a sight, with impromptu dances and freestyle rhymes galore. What a party.

Another upcoming release from the Detroit independent label is a compilation album, featuring Jay Rachie, Toasta-Roassta, Picasso, Carlito, Q-Ban, Young Rider, Bing and Cheez. While the label has been around for around four years, the head honchos — Forbidden Froot, Toriono Humphrey, Jacob Johnson and Jason Johnson — thought the upcoming releases deserved some extra attention, which is why they held the launch party. While hip hop has provided the bread and butter for the label thus far, they’re looking to sign, develop and promote artists in other styles such as R&B, pop, gospel and alternative music.


Uncle Ill is holding a second release party for his record, Ya’ll Know. This time around, the party is for all of the rapper’s underage fans. On Thursday, Dec. 27, Wired Frog in Eastpointe hosts a performance from Uncle Ill, plus a whole bunch of other people, including Backstab, Shane Capone, Jasmine Williams, Ron Da Da, Dead Poets, D’Phuzion, Miz Korona, Undataka, Matix, Elohin, 44 Ways, the Linx, Hush and Lucky. For $8, it goes from 7 p.m. to midnight. All ages are welcome. Plus, Wired Frog serves french fries and Superman ice cream.


Not much of a peep has escaped New Grenada since releasing a sweet split 7-inch with the Trembling back in September. Maybe because the band was busy laying down some more pop-post-punk tracks for its upcoming full-length release, which is currently being mastered by John Golden in L.A. But before then, the band has a show this Sunday, Dec. 30, at Magic Stick with W-Vibe, the Trembling and Complete Audio Device.

Another band we haven’t heard from in a while, the Waxwings, performs Saturday, Dec. 29, at Lager House with the Americans.

And in stark contrast to the hefty door prices so many venues tag onto New Year’s Eve events, the Lager House is hosting a free show, featuring Red Shirt Brigade, Judah Johnson, the Fabled Automatic and a solo set by Eric Weir. The event marks somewhat of a homecoming after a short Midwest tour for Judah Johnson and Red Shirt Brigade. It sounds like a fun party to me.

And loyal In One Ear readers might recall mention of Rosie Thomas (pictured), a singer-songwriter-comedian who grew up in Livonia, but now resides in Seattle. Thomas is coming home for the holidays to visit friends and family and has a low-key gig scheduled for Dec. 28 at Plymouth’s Coffee Bean. The venue used to be her old stomping grounds, before she moved out West and caught the attention of Sub Pop, the label that’s releasing her beautiful, atmospheric and folky upcoming full-length, When We Were Small, which comes out Jan. 22.


So, let’s see. What else? Get working on those year-end best-of lists and send them my way if you feel like it. And everyone have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, OK? Here’s hoping that mine isn’t spent in front of the TV again, flipping between the “Iron Chef” marathon and all three Godfather movies. Though the abalone battle was quite good. Cheers!

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