I bought my beard before it was cool — beard transplants latest craze

Apr 10, 2014 at 1:59 pm

It’s understandable if you must read this slowly to fully digest these words: hipsters are now paying for beard transplants. We’ve all heard of people taking insane measures in order to achieve a certain look, whether it’s through cosmetic surgery or body modifications, but it’s usually to look more beautiful and not brawny. Not surprisingly, Brooklyn is the hypocenter of this trend, although Detroiters also have the process available to them, if they’re willing to take a little field trip.

Ziering Medical’s Troy location is a consultation center, so for the baby-faced fellow who wants a cookie duster, or even a full jaw sweater, the nearest surgery center is in Chicago. Costing between $5,000 and $15,000, this process involves harvesting hair from other parts of your body — such as the back of your head or your chest — and surgically implanted it onto your face. While no procedure is completely scar free, they do minimize the cosmetic damage as much as possible. As for recovery time? Patients will experience scabs and redness for a week to ten days and are advised not to shave the area for two weeks. With the growing popularity in facial hair, it’s not shocking that men are turning to such procedures to achieve a more masculine look, but it seems like the more manly thing to do would be to own your individuality with confidence. Masculinity should be measured by character, not by style.