Hunt to kill

Nov 8, 2000 at 12:00 am

Although we’re all pretty much used to it, hunting season in Michigan is a really strange time of year. Whether or not you are for or against hunting is irrelevant; living in the Great Lakes State means somehow, someway, your life will be affected by those folks who disappear into the woods in search of graceful mammals with phallic headgear. Either you have to do the work left behind by absent co-workers/”deer harvesters,” you hear gunshots in the back yard, or you realize 200 miles too late that there is not a single motel Up North with a vacancy in the month of November.

Hunters, too, are having problems with the suburban housing developments that transform local hunting grounds into repackaged nature that looks nice viewed through bay windows. Perhaps the videogame “Deer Hunter 4: World-Class Record Bucks” will solve everyone’s problems. The game makes it possible to visit “realistic” locations (such as Missouri) and kill all kinds of deer with cool weapons (even a 9 mm handgun!) without leaving home. Available for PCs for $19.95 at CompUSA.

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