Hummer bummer

Sep 7, 2005 at 12:00 am
In light of the frenzied panic over gas prices, we here at Backslash thought we’d tip our hat to a Web site that gives a rigid-digit salute to one of the biggest gas guzzlers out there, the pompous, penis compensatory, SUV-from-Hell, the H2. The site collects viewer-submitted photos of Hummer haters flipping off the offending vehicle in question.

Why all the hatin’? The site offers these reasons:

• The H2 is the ultimate poseur vehicle.

• The H2 is a gas guzzler.

• The H2 is a polluter.

• The H2 is a death machine.

• The H2 is a tax loophole.

And so forth. The site also offers links to more suburbanized Hummer-bashing sites, among them (which is actually hosted by the Sierra Club). This particular URL supplies yet more evidence of the vehicle’s inherent evil, including your very own Hummerscope, an automobile horoscope that spells out all the death, destruction and bad Karma that will befall H2 owners on any given day. While you’re at it, ask yourself, What Would Jesus Drive? The answer lies at (Hint: it sure ain’t an H2.)