Huffington Post investigation looks at treatment of juvenile inmates in Michigan prisons

Jul 7, 2015 at 11:37 am

Back in March, a reporter from the Huffington Post, Dana Liebelson, was subpoenaed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette for copies of notes and records on interviews she conducted with inmates inside two state prisons. When Liebelson mentioned on Twitter the fact she was followed across the state by someone from the AG's office, the backlash against Schuette's office was swift. He later withdrew the subpoenas. 

The effort of Liebelson's reporting trips has culminated in a massive investigation into a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections, which alleges juvenile inmates were raped and abused by adult prisoners. The state, according to the suit, failed to protect the juvenile inmates from such treatment. 

The lawsuit was filed back in 2013, but has garnered a significant amount of attention since Schuette sought records and notes from Liebelson, as well as Michigan Public Radio. Liebelson's deep-dive is by far the most in-depth reporting on the issue, and it's unquestionably worth your time. 

You can read the story here, with additional insight on some of the troubles Liebelson faced in reporting on the lawsuit here