Holy smokes

Dec 14, 2005 at 12:00 am
This week’s abandoned structure has a rather fitting name, considering its condition. The white building that once housed Explosion Apostolic Ministries at 4550 W. Warren Ave. in Detroit looks as though an explosion happened inside it. An ASS (Abandoned Structure Squad) peek through one of the missing windows, or a step through one of the unlocked doors, affords a godforsaken view of the burned-out interior. The boards that used to compose the roof hang precariously, ready to fall at any moment. The walls have disappeared, leaving only the charred remains of the interior structure. The floor is littered with chips of plaster, shreds of insulation and some foam mats, with a small cache of plastic forks inexplicably strewn about. Not much else survived the inferno, but it seems the church’s organ was rescued, only to be smashed to bits out back. The neighbors say the blaze occurred four or five months ago, but the building had been vacant for a few years before it burned down. The neighborhood mailman says the building was still receiving mail. The congregation is long-gone, probably because weekly Deliverance on Fridays at 7:30 is no longer available.