Hollow scene

The streets of Detroit were filled with vehicles flashing yellow lights as dusk approached on Halloween. City employees and an army of volunteers were still on patrol the day after Devil’s Night, keeping careful watch to prevent the city from returning to the bad old days when the town would be set ablaze.

We can all take some pride in the fact that, since the days of the Archer administration, the Angels’ Night moniker has been well earned. But, as far as this hull of a house on the 1700 block of Holcomb on the East Side is concerned, the devil’s fiery work took place months ago.

Delores Nailer, whose home across the street is among a string of well-kept dwellings, informs that the structure caught fire one night back in July. “I woke up and the whole street was lit up,” she says. Neighbors began pestering the city about the burnt-out hulk, prompting its placement on the demolition docket. The way Nailer sees it, the wrecking ball can’t swing soon enough. “It’s a real eyesore,” she says, adding that the house next door to it is also abandoned. “Squatters are living in that one.”

We set out to investigate, but a snarling pit pull behind the chain-link fence dampened our curiosity. Yes, we’re ashamed to admit that, on Halloween night, this crew proved to be candy ASSes.

Editor’s note: If you know of an abandoned home you would like to see featured in this spot, send a photo and pertinent information to News Hits, c/o Metro Times, 733 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48226 (or e-mail [email protected]).

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