History’s neighbor

Jan 7, 2004 at 12:00 am

If the Ettinger Apartment Building at 1920 Collingwood could speak, it would probably talk about its former neighbor, the demolished Collingwood Manor.

Built in 1925, Ettinger Apartments is situated at the corner of 12th and Collingwood Streets, just north of the historic Boston-Edison neighborhood. On Sept. 16, 1931, three men known as the Terrors of the Third Street district were shot and killed by Detroit’s notorious Purple Gang in Apt. 211 of the Collingwood Manor. The Ettinger would recall that hundreds of people crowded the street to gawk at the bodies being carried out.

Today, the Ettinger sits downcast, wearing a melancholy veneer of dirt and grime. Standing as one of the many dilapidated blemishes on the face of a once quaint residential community, the Ettinger’s future is unknown. It is owned by Phares Investments, which the Abandoned Structure Squad was unable to contact. And the building itself remains mum when asked about its probable fate.

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