Highland Park cops lose jobs because someone can't count. Enter radio vigilantism.

Oct 6, 2010 at 11:10 am
Believe it. Six unfortunates — five  patrol cops and one supervisor — will see their jobs vanish by week's end in Highland Park because of, get this, an accounting error, so report our pals over at WXYZ.  Remember those killer crack corners we were just yakkin' about?

So what's the fix?

Well, HP Mayor Hubert Yopp says the town will train volunteers and then arm them with radios. (Could be those neat-o Jonny Quest ones that shoot radio waves and level bad guys standing 20 feet away by harnessing the power of flying astronomical thingys and funneling them into electromagnetic radiation!)

That's right, you can get yer JQ on and patrol Highland Park -- one of the most dangerous areas in Detroit -- armed with a radio, and for no money.