Here's why we think the Lions are Champions

We grew up with Lions, and that means we've never seen them win a Championship.

This year, though, we're changing our tune.

Kip Watson, a psychologist who works with NFL players, says that the stigma of losing comes from the media, the athletes, the city, the fans themselves... everyone. "It's so prevalent it creates a unique obstacle that everyone has to overcome... People, players and fans alike, the owners, the management, and the city of Detroit have to say, 'I believe we can win. Yes, we have the right chemistry and the right people on the team.' Those things have to come together into a belief that we can get off the losing wheel... Everyone has to buy into it until there's change."

She's adamant about that: Everyone, fans included. "If you want to change a losing stigma, everybody has to buy in to change it." 

Where that change happens first is in our collective consciousness, and in the words we speak. If we start saying they're Champions, that the Lions are winners, then they are. And will be.

After all, says Watson, "Everyone has the same mentality to the Patriots... and the mentality is entitlement that says, 'We're gonna win.'"

Ya know what? The Lions are entitled to win.

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