Here's a charity to consider giving to this holiday season

Nov 15, 2014 at 6:28 pm
Friends, the season of giving is upon us. And while we're all scrambling to schedule our Black Friday shopping, to get our wrapping done before Dec. 1, and to make sure Susie and Tommy both have an even 24 presents each under the tree, many children around the world won't receive a single stocking stuffer come Dec. 25. 

Many charities seek to minimize the number of children who won't get anything, not even from St. Nick, come Christmas. Operation Christmas Child, a project of the Christian charity the Samaritan Purse, is one of those charities. Actually, it's the largest charity of its kind. They've delivered Christmas presents to 110 million children in 150 countries since the project started and they hope to add another 10 million to that list this season. They'll need the help of Oakland County, however, where they're hoping to get nearly 70,000 shoeboxes filled with toys, school supplies, hygiene products, and notes of encouragement donated by Nov. 24. 

Starting on Monday, Nov. 17 Operation Christmas Child Week will kick off and run through Nov. 24. During that time residents are asked to fill a shoebox with appropriate items and drop them off at one of the six participating collection centers. 

“Anyone can participate. Whether you are young or old, Operation Christmas Child is a fun project that makes a tangible difference in the life of a child facing difficult circumstances,” said Oakland County volunteer Suzie Aheimer in a release.

For more info about the organization check out this website

For more info about how to appropriately pack a shoe box for donation, go here

Here are a list of the six collection sites in Oakland county and the dates and times they're accepting collection. 

Highland UMC
680 W Livingston Road
Highland, MI 48357
Susan Cole
Mon, Nov. 17: 9-12pm
Tues, Nov. 18: 9-12pm
Wed, Nov. 19: 1-6pm
Thurs, Nov. 20: 9-12pm
Fri, Nov. 21: 9-12pm
Sat, Nov. 22: 10-1pm
Sun, Nov. 23: 12-2pm
Mon, Nov. 24: 9-11am

Calvary Chapel
1975 E Long Lake Road
Troy, MI 48085
Sandra Kuna
Mon, Nov. 17: 9-12pm
Tues, Nov. 18: 2-6pm
Wed, Nov. 19: 2-6pm
Thurs, Nov. 20: 2-6pm
Fri, Nov. 21: 2-6pm
Sat, Nov. 22: 2-6pm
Sun, Nov. 23: 2-6pm
Mon, Nov. 24: 9-12pm

Berkley Community Church
2855 Wiltshire Road
Berkley, MI 48072
Jenn Groh
Mon, Nov. 17: 9-12pm
Tues, Nov. 18: 2-6pm
Wed, Nov. 19: 2:30-4:30
Thurs, Nov. 20: 2-6pm
Fri, Nov. 21: 2-6pm
Sat, Nov. 22: 2-6pm
Sun, Nov. 23: 1:30-5:30
Mon, Nov. 24: 8-10:30am

Oakbrooke Bible Church
3750 Pontiac Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48328
Janice Austin
Mon, Nov. 17: 8-1pm
Tues, Nov. 18: 3-8pm
Wed, Nov. 19: 12-5pm
Thurs, Nov. 20: 8-2pm
Fri, Nov. 21: 4-8pm
Sat, Nov. 22: 9-2pm
Sun, Nov. 23: 1-5pm
Mon, Nov. 24: 8-10am

Lake Orion
Good Shepherd Lutheran
1950 S Baldwin Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48360
Melissa Clark
Mon, Nov. 17: 10-1 & 4-7
Tues, Nov. 18: 8-12pm
Wed, Nov. 19: 4-7pm
Thurs, Nov. 20: 8-12pm
Fri, Nov. 21: 10-1 & 4-7
Sat, Nov. 22: 8-12pm
Sun, Nov. 23: 12-2:30
Mon, Nov. 24: 8-10am

Rochester Hills
First Baptist of Rochester
6377 Orion Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
Audrey Maag
Mon, Nov. 17: 9-12pm
Tues, Nov. 18: 6-8pm
Wed, Nov. 19: 9-12pm
Thurs, Nov. 20: 6-8pm
Fri, Nov. 21: 9-12pm
Sat, Nov. 22: 9-12pm
Sun, Nov. 23: 1-3pm
Mon, Nov. 24: 9-11am