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Oct 1, 2003 at 12:00 am
Abandoned Shelter of the Week

A few weeks ago, the Abandoned Structure Squad (aka ASS to our friends) snapped a photo of what amounted to little more than a brick façade backed by a pile of rubble. A few days later we passed by the site, at 4650 St. Aubin, and found workers from Adamo Demolition, which was being paid by the state, knocking the structure down.

“We have been trying to buy the property for a year,” said Kevin Strasser, general manager of Elevator Technologies, located next door. The problem had been trying to determine which branch of government holds title to the property.

Two years ago, the dwelling housed a church in the front section and tenants rented the fine selection of one- and two-bedroom apartments upstairs. After several fires this summer, the north and south walls collapsed and a river of bricks flowed onto St. Aubin. Strasser said two weeks ago he brought over his company’s Bobcat and pushed the bricks off the street. Alicia Ward, land transfer administrator for Revitalize Life — a company that handles the sale of tax delinquent properties seized by the state — told ASS that the property was recently sold to Elevator Technologies. “That’s news to me,” said Stasser. “I have no paperwork on it or deed.” So, the ownership may still be cloudy, but at least we can report that one eyesore has disappeared.

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