Hatch awards Sister Pie $50,000

Aug 21, 2014 at 11:24 am
Sister Pie's Lisa Ludwinski just won $50,000 from Hatch Detroit. The money will no doubt go toward helping her open the bakery she's renovating in the West Village. 

"We are going to use the $50,000 to go directly towards our build-out and renovation costs for the location at 8066 Kercheval," says Ludwinski. But even that hefty amount of cash won't cover the the entire reno. She says they'll seek a loan for the 35 percent that the allotment doesn't cover. 

While she says it still doesn't feel real, Ludwinski says she's energized by the win and feels honored to have been in both the top ten and top four with such talents competitors.

"I met some really amazing entrepreneurs, and I can't wait to find ways to collaborate with each and every one of them," she says. 

We met with Ludwinski a couple weeks ago while she was doing some baking inside the Hannan House industrial kitchen that Sister Pie currently operates out of. Read the whole interview with the newly-crowned Hatch winner here.