Guy thang

I can never get my pigheaded friend Dale to produce a top-10 list of his favorite films. He claims it’s an impossible task, because you can’t throw films from different sections of the video store together in one big category — comedies don’t go with war films, which don’t go with action/adventure films, and so on. What Dale doesn’t realize is that all his favorites are basically the same — they can all be considered 1970s “male movies” (no, not porn; but that is one of Dale’s categories that needs its very own list). To be defined, in this case, as a ’70s male movie, a film must contain at least two of the following elements: Car chases, Clint Eastwood, excessive violence, Burt Reynolds, titties, Sylvester Stallone and sports heroes. Victory is this type of film. It features Stallone, violence and soccer legend Pelé in an absurd tale of Allied prisoners who play Nazi soldiers in a soccer game in wartime Paris, after which the prisoners escape. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much cool memorabilia for these types of male films — until now. For some crazy reason, The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Co. ( is selling Victory soccer jerseys for $52.50. They are simple red, white and blue long-sleeved, classic jerseys and they’re cool as all hell.

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