Gumby groove

Jan 10, 2001 at 12:00 am

You won’t be the first to showcase Nordic brut cool, but you shouldn’t be the last. MT’s fashion king Aaron Warshaw has thankfully brought the hip Canadian design label, Dubuc, to Detroit. Direct from Toronto’s Yorkville shopping district, the awesome cold-weather outerwear will open your eyes to a zone of modern fashion across the border. This slate-colored polyurethane coat (pictured) is lined with a biohazard-orange pillow-quilted wool for additional warmth. There’s certainly nothing wrong with local vintage finds. And J. Crew may seem J-OK too (although one friend of mine calls it Cape Cod mumbo-jumbo). But why not venture into foreign territory? Inspire others with a Scandinavian sense for plush texture (the fleece is as fine as velvet) and a distinctly discriminating northern European eye for a severely tailored line as rigid as an iron rail. You needn’t even clone this specific trend. Find your own couture cover-up by browsing Dubuc online at

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