Guilty pleas from Swift’s captors

Dec 2, 2009 at 4:29 pm
Two Detroit men charged with kidnapping Walter Swift and stealing

his furniture and other items pleaded guilty today in Wayne County

Circuit Court.

Detroit residents Leonard Duplessis, 23, and Cortez McAdoo, 22, had

been scheduled for trial in the May incident, but in a deal with Wayne

County prosecutors pleaded guilty to extortion and armed robbery.

Duplessis also pleaded to a felony firearms charge. Kidnapping charges

were dismissed for both men. Duplessis was remanded to custody, and

McAdoo was to be freed on an electronic tether.

Both men are scheduled for sentencing Jan. 6; Duplessis faces 5-20

years in prison and McAdoo faces 4-20 years.

Their victim, Swift, was released from prison in May 2008 after

evidence that wasn’t introduced at trial exonerated him of a rape. He

had served 26 years in prison. Swift testified at the men’s

preliminary examinations that they had kidnapped him because he owed

Duplessis money for drugs. Swift was profiled in a recent Metro Times

cover story about the difficulties exonerated prisoners face once they

are released (see “Swift's Justice,” Nov. 18).