Group pushing failed Proposal 1 spent $9 million on campaign

Jun 5, 2015 at 12:09 pm

The coalition that pushed Proposal 1 — which sought to raise $1.2 billion in additional funds for road infrastructure, and failed miserably — burned through $9.2 million on the effort, according to recently filed campaign finance reports

The campaign committee Safe Roads Yes spent about $26 per vote in the race, which culminated in one of the most substantial losses for a ballot proposal in Michigan's history. The committee spent about $9 million as of last month, according to the filings.

Top donors of Safe Roads Yes included: the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association ($5.4 million), the Detroit Regional Chamber's Super PAC ($375,000), and Consumers Energy ($225,000).

Since then, several Plan B's to fund roads have been offered, but nothing has been cemented. The Michigan Senate says it will remain in session this summer to address road funding — and, it's worth nothing, it has been estimated the state needs an additional $2.5 billion to have OK roadways.