Graduation looms

Jan 2, 2002 at 12:00 am
Senior year. Everyone always said that it was the best year of your life. So far, I haven't exactly felt the love. It seems like everyone is always on edge, you know? Like I'm always on thin ice with people whom I had always gotten along so well with. I don't know if it is because everyone is nervous to grow up or just the fact that everyone is changing in order to soften the blow for next year.

This is a hard year. We want to have fun but we also need to get ready for the rest of our lives. Having already been accepted to college, it is hard to keep myself focused. Senioritis!

Thinking about next year is hard. I realize that every single one of my friends will be in a different place. And it will be up to me to keep in contact with the people I love.

So this year is my last year to be a kid. The last year that I can make mistakes. My last year living rent-free. My last year as "daddy's little girl."

Next year will be good too, but for now, I'm holding on to 2001 as long as possible. Jennifer Gutsue is an honors English student at Hamtramck High