Grab your sleeping bag because you might be able to see the Northern lights tonight

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click to enlarge The Northern lights. Clearly not Michigan, but gorgeous nonetheless. - Johann Helgason // Shutterstock
Johann Helgason // Shutterstock
The Northern lights. Clearly not Michigan, but gorgeous nonetheless.

According to some science and weather facts that I will truly never quite understand — the Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis if you're fancy, may be visible all throughout Michigan tonight, MLive is reporting. 

They say that if you live north of I-96 and the skies are clear then you should have a really great view of the lights. It may be harder for us in metro Detroit, but again, clear skies could reveal the lights. 

Experts say to find an extremely dark area (aka not anywhere downtown) and to try to be up on some sort of hill if possible. You'll want a clear view of the northern sky and keep your fingers crossed.

Personally, I am fortunate enough to have actually seen the Northern lights in person and let me tell you — it is as magnificent as you can possibly imagine.

Perhaps a little nighttime road trip north tonight may do the trick! 

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