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You’ve heard of fixer-uppers. This is what might be called a tearer-downer. This former two-family flat on 2713 E. Vernor boasts half-boarded-up windows, a bag of garbage on the side porch, and a discarded shoe-and-rubble salad in the front yard. A big yellow D spray painted on one side of the building marks it for demolition, and a “For Sale” sign on another side lists the Wayne County Prosecutor as owner. So if the house is marked for demolition and under county ownership, why is it still standing?

Neighbor Louise Jackson wants action, saying, “It’s about time they tore it down.”

The property was forfeited to the Wayne County Treasurer for non-payment of taxes on March 1, 2003. Latoya Willis at the Abandoned Property Unit of the County Prosecutor’s Office says the house was sold in November. It is now up to the new owner to demolish the structure.

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