From our mailbox: Meet Roxy 'Fired Up' Firestone and Sissy P., the psychic dog

This is Roxy "Fired Up" Firestone (left) and Sissy P. (right). Miss Firestone left a message promoting a tailgating party she's throwing on our voicemail, and at the end of the message casually dropped a series of nuclear bombs: Her dog Sissy P. is a psychic, and she (Firestone) is running for mayor of Detroit in 2017.

Needing to know more, we sent her an email asking her to confirm that we heard that right, that Sissy P. is a psychic dog. "Sissy P. can sniff you and predict instantly if you are naughty or nice for Christmas," Firestone explained. "I am channeling for her now and she says to tell you that she thinks you could be naughty for sure lol."

Shit, it sounds like this dog might actually be psychic!

The "biggest, baddest, bestest tailgating party you've ever heard of" will be held from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 9 at Palmer Park, north of Pontchartrain Blvd. and McNichols Rd. in Detroit. The party will include door prizes, balloons, a strong man contest, food, music, a Cadillac cruise, and a chance to meet Sissy P. the psychic dog ("the only one in Michigan," Firestone clarifies) — and much more. BYOB.

We asked Firestone for permission to share her voicemail message, which you can listen to below:


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