Feedback: Weekly reader responses

Jackman uncool

Thanks to Michael Jackman for his blog post ("Please, please, please: Stop 'saving' Detroit") responding to my story at about Sister Pie ("Projects We Love: This Baker is Saving Detroit With Pie.") Just wanted to mention a few things.

Firstly, I have been to Detroit, for a few weeks, in 2012. Sure, that's not a ton of time. But I met a lot of amazing people, and really liked it, and hope to return. I'm fascinated by how much change is happening there, and I love how people are taking initiative to make the city habitable through sustainable economic development.

Secondly, I just want to let you know that my editors chose that title. As you as a journalist must be aware, this is pretty common. I didn't really love it myself, and wouldn't have chosen it if it were up to me — but in the end, it created a lot of discussion, which is ultimately a good thing, in my opinion.

However, I really didn't appreciate the personal attacks. I've been writing for several years, so while I certainly don't consider myself as weathered as some writers, neither would I call myself "inexperienced" nor "lazy" under any circumstances.

And come to think of it, I would never resort to calling another writer such terms in a public forum, because I just don't think that's cool, at all. —Rachel Signer, Brooklyn, N.Y.

A run in your undies

Our slideshow of Detroit fun-runners braving freezing temperatures in their underwear to benefit the Children's Tumor Foundation got plenty of comments on our Facebook page.

• Brave — and crazy!

• As heck!

• Hell no!

• They'll be sick by Monday.

• That's a myth. Being out in the cold does not make a person get sick.

• Those are some tough, brave women out there!

• I guess about 1,000 braved the frigid temps ... good for the cause ... bless them.

• That takes real guts! Way to go!

• ... they are insane.

• While we were in our winter coats ...

• Oh, BRRRRR ... no way!

• It looks like Detroit is trying to be San Francisco.

• They are a tough bunch!

• Detroit: Home of Alcohol-Related Hypothermia. Quick, one of you motorheads throw yourself on one of those half-naked girls to, save her from freezing to death!

• I'm impressed, Detroit!

• C'mon, men, get out there!

Fizz or fizzle?

Another item that spawned a long discussion about a study from the University of Michigan finding that people holding beer look less intelligent.

• Yet most of the world's greatest minds were drug abusers and alcoholics. Yes, I concur nowadays when you see someone drinking a beer they look less intelligent. Thanks, university.

• "Here, hold my beer for me."

• I thought this was the Onion!

• What a breakthrough!

• Must've looked like a total fucktard all these years.

• People who go to school look stupid.

• People holding Wine glasses look arrogant ... wait, it was a study by U-M, I get it now.

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