Feedback: Thoughts on Rick Snyder, Nolan Finley, and football ticket scalpers

Nov 26, 2014 at 1:00 am


We received a number of strident remarks to Jack Lessenberry's Nov. 19 Politics and Prejudices column on Gov. Rick Snyder and what he lost by running for a second term. User "Hary Palmer" posted:

If Snyder wants to salvage any sort of dignity from a second term (and truly be the "moderate" Bill Milliken claims he is) he can start by pushing back against the extremist wing of his party and veto any of those crackpot/dishonest laws they'll be sending his way...starting with Lund's crooked electoral college scam.

RTW and the pension tax, sure that was pure Chamber of Commerce Xmas wish list stuff (although a knife in the back of the poor/working class, but hey that's what the GOP's about. right?) I still don't understand why he signed laws as dumb as the motorcycle helmet repeal, fireworks law, etc., when he could have been on record as a voice of sanity.


A number of people also chimed in on staff writer Lee DeVito's blog post on "The Daily Show" segment about Detroit's ongoing water shut-offs. The segment featured an appearance from Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of the Detroit News. In a quick take, reader "Ed" posted:

Hah, Nolan Finley ... Corporate Fluffer.

"Harry Palmer" offered his two cents on Finley, also, posting:

Nolan should take note that a comedy show is doing a better job of explaining the news than the paper he works for does.


Some readers weren't amused by a report from ESPN that MT editor-in-chief Valerie Vande Panne wrote about, which focused on scalpers selling tickets to an NFL game between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. The tickets, initially, were free. Reader Amelia Pond posted:

Ha! What a bunch of nimrods if you didn't think people would sell them. I agree with the others who have said that other ticket outlets scalp like crazy all of the time. What if they posted these tickets on Stubhub? And, it isn't just Detroit - this shit would happen everywhere, so stop beating up on Detroit - it wouldn't be different anywhere else

Reader Bradford Jackson posted:

People prob need to pay THIER water bill Vs free football tickets. Sell it? why not , stubb hub is the same thing I see no difference...


A blog post from reporter Ryan Felton on Gov. Rick Snyder's amazingly short-sighted decision to sign a law that rescinded Michigan's requirement for motorcyclists to wear helmets drew a number of responses. Comments ranged from annoyance that anyone is even upset by Snyder's decision to those who wished the requirement was put back in place.

I wear a helmet because the only thing on the road that I can control is myself.

Sometimes the one's who die are the lucky ones.

Those of us that ride, know the risks of riding. Just as those that decide to go without a helmet should know the risks associated with that. I choose to ride WITH a helmet most of the time. But, there are occasions where I would ride without.

Why don't we just repeal the seat belt law so that all of us can share equally in the freedom to die.

Think of it as evolution in action.

Funny — the freedom to wear no helmet is probably closer to a death panel than anything in Obamacare.

Let the rider decide! If helmets are so wonderful why aren't automobile drivers required to wear them too? Just think of how safe that they would be with those along with their airbags and seat belt plus shoulder restraints? Helmets obscure vision. They cause visors to fog up too easily and they block hearing. How many deaths do they cause that we can't rightly conclude or factor in?

I wear a helmet because those rocks that fly up and smack it could knock you out then some poor person has to deal with the fact that you're all over their car and dead.

(to which a reader replied): In over a million miles of riding a motorcycle I have never had a rock fly up and hit me in the face or head. Not even once.