Feedback: Reader Responses

In response to Jack Lessenberry's April 13 column, "Why Michigan is permanently screwed," Ed posted:

Good discussion, Jack. It helped put pieces in order for me. The only big differences between the Republican Party and the Democrats are social. The issues that they differ on are primarily social issues. The Repubs are strip-mining the middle class and the poor at the behest of the Kochs, DeVoses, and Waltons, etc. and the Dems long ago voted for money by cozying up with finance, entertainment, and the professional class etc.

Both sets support the status quo, which means more war, more high finance shitbaggery, more privatization, media concentration, greater corporatization, pharma and medical establishment growth, and a stronger police state.

Unions have their own problems, and it seems as if their losing streak isn't going to end anytime soon, as they incrementalize themselves into oblivion. A new Debs or Reuther might be able to turn things around, but no sense in counting on that.

So, the 90-or-whatever-percent-but-it's-really-big is left out, basically, tied up in their own underwear on who can abort, marry, collect assistance, or receive medical care. Oh, and there's the whole racial fight, and who can forget the great divider, organized religion! I'm really starting to understand how this is, at its very center, a crisis of consciousness. We take for granted consciousness and life, when that should be our starting point of agreement.

I am very thankful for everyone that supports basic, non-divisive social causes in thought, cash and action. I am also thankful for those that are working to unscrew the system through ballot initiatives, supporting worthy candidates for office, and the Guyettes, Greenwalds, and Palasts. This widespread collection of individuals and groups are where the change is coming from, so I'm doing all I can to support them. I appreciate you highlighting their efforts.

And Lucy Fer posted:

You can't fix a system when the people just vote on party rhetoric. Not one republican has stood up and said enough of this crazy bull manure the republicans push on us. They just listen to their masters and believe it's all the democrats fault. That is how stupid these people are.

Also in Lessenberry's column he mentioned the way Curt Guyette is not eligible for a Pulitzer Prize because he works for the ACLU. In response to this, wojoformich posted:

Jack you always seem to tickle my funny bone. Curt deserves the award. Should this be recognized as the supreme accomplishment then journalists need to change the system.

In response to Tom Perkins' article, "Healers or dealers," about the bind Detroit dispensaries find themselves in, Heather posted:

In a city that has so many, many issues and problems, why are they trying to shut down businesses that actually pay taxes? Those taxes can be used to fix some of those other issues and problems. Detroit has a history of focusing on the wrong things. Which is why trying to rebuild the city is such a chore. Why let so many business owners set up shop then change the laws? I agree with the business owners, they should be grandfathered in. Instead the city is basically throwing a big sucks-to-be you at them? It seems like Detroit just can't help shooting itself in the foot. Leave taxpaying businesses alone and put resources into going after criminals, or tearing down all the buildings that are eyesores and fire hazards.

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