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In response to Michael Jackman's March 10 blog post "Detroit vs. dispensaries; Hamtramck poised to make pot illegal," a user named Just Sayin' posted:

Karen Majewski is a gem.

Shame on those trying to make a profit off of pot. That includes the dealer, the manager, the lawyers, the state, the city, anybody. You can't criminalize the dealer or user, and then take the money yourself. Do as I say, not as I do is always a hypocritical stance.

In response to Allie Gross' March 10 blog post "Eastpointe court blocked from 'pay or stay' sentencing," Lawrence Cholke posted:

I have always said the court system is nothing but a big cash register waiting to take your hard-earned money if they can grab it. And a debtor's prison system. You pay large fees for lawyers, court costs, and fines, and if you don't pay they will ruin your life and put you in prison. Too many lawyers and judges just waiting fatten their wallets.

We received a poem in the mail from one Robert Walker. We can't print it all here, but here are a few representative lines:

Rick is trying

Trying his best

Reminds me of an annoying pest

The solution is simple

Rick has reached his Peter Principle


Rick states with premeditated guile

Don't blame it on me

Don't you dare

'Cause me and my family

Will never live there

Allie Gross' March 11 News Hits post entitled "Democrats: Snyder hired lawyers to help him release redacted Flint emails" lit up with responses on our Facebook page. Responses included:

Jeffrey Ligan: A sociopath like Snyder can't be shamed or embarrassed. He needs to be frogmarched out of the Capitol and into prison.

Merri Busch: We hired him. We gotta fire him. Taxpayers have the ultimate responsibility when we vote in these jackasses.

Star Davis: Total A-hole! So again he screws us over ... he claims to have millions, so he should pay for his own lawyers.

John Henry: Snyder's entire career has been about stealing public money and putting it into the hands of his owners and colleagues.

Sarah Rice: Enough! Enough, enough! There must be consequences for these actions. Someone must be held responsible. These are human lives for goodness' sake and no one is demanding him to be removed? I am so tired of the political cover-ups and higher-than-thou actions. Give me the petition, I will sign it. These people need to be held accountable.

Lynne MacDonald: Pay for your own mess. That was not the taxpayers' responsibility. Resign and watch your pennies. Those people in Flint will be handicapped until the day they die because of the lead in the water. But they are poor, so they don't matter, do they?

Frank Manning: Just resign already. The majority of the state can't stand you and the ones who support you are too stupid to matter.

James J. Hughes: This is fucked. What's even more fucked is the public's reaction. Did you really expect him to do the right thing?

Jennifer Wilson: How about we make Snyder and his wife live in the ghettos of Flint until his ass gets thrown in jail?

Jacques Mersereau: That is all Snyder is in office to do: hurt the middle class and poor while funneling millions of our tax dollars to his pals.

Tracy Endicott: The worst governor Michigan has ever seen, including Engler.

Lee Helms: Pay your own damn legal bills, bastard.

Jim Routhier: For an innocent man, he sure has a lot of lawyers ...

Larry Frechette: Bloody coward and criminal! These are public records!

Jeff Pearse: Bullshit! He hired lawyers to try and cover his ass. Even though he's guilty as hell.

Patty Ann: Are we supposed to believe that no one bothered to make electronic copies of the "redacted" emails?

Nilla Slim: Handled just like any corporate head caught in the headlights.

David Matijow: Coulda fixed a lot of potholes with that kind of money.

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