Feedback: Notes on Aramark, Slipknot, and the Rolling Stones

Kinda gonzo

Last week our cover story on Aramark and the eating conditions inside Oakland County Jail resonated with some readers. One even sent our weekly political columnist Jack Lessenberry a letter about it:

Dear Jack,

I have been reading you off and on for many years. I enjoyed your recent article. I am a Wayne State 1969 grad (whoa!) and I guess I am a moderate who leans liberal and have voted for "moderate Republicans" in the past. I voted for Ole "Rick the Nerd" in the first election, but not the second. The Aramark controversy is just one example of how this man has rolled over to the extreme right wing in this state. The fella who wrote the article "Mystery Meat" did an excellent job in his essay. Talented writer; kinda gonzo. I am a retired federal criminal justice employee, but was amazed and moved by his article. I'm not naive about how the system works, but this is beyond the pale. We have now reached the point where we feed people garbage to save money, notwithstanding all the jobs lost through outsourcing. We are fast approaching the Dark Ages!

— Tim Kozak

Truth is power

Reader Carolyn Doherty was also appalled by the conditions inmates face in Oakland County Jail and how they're forced to subsist on what is essentially garbage:

That prisons and mental hospitals take over where the leprosarium left off, that instead of helping the mentally ill, we isolate and abuse, school to prison pipeline, debtors prison, that you could so thoroughly identify this abusive inhuman treatment of our incarcerated, is bringing truth to power.

Before we forget ...

Last week in a write-up in our Live Wire section, we wrote that Corey Taylor was the frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour. One very polite fan reminded us that he still is:

In the Live Wire write-up for Friday's Corey Taylor show at Saint Andrew's Hall it states that Corey "was once the frontman of both Slipknot and Stone Sour." He still is currently the frontman for both. In fact, Slipknot will be performing at DTE on July 28 and they were here with Korn less than a year ago with Corey fronting. This performance just happens to be a spoken word/solo show. Just wanted to clarify that.


Joe, a Slipknot fan

No satisfaction

You really can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find that we actually did write a couple of stories about the Rolling Stones coming to Detroit.

Early last week we got a voicemail from a reader who was concerned we did not preview or review the Rolling Stones' Zip Code Tour stop at Detroit's Comerica Park. In fact, we did include a preview of their concert in a two-page spread in the paper, included an online show review, and sent a photographer to cover the show as well.

"My name is Gretchen Smith. I'm concerned that I didn't see any article in this week's publication about the Rolling Stones coming to town. I mean that is absolutely unexplainable and extraordinary! Fifty years they've been playing? And you should have heard the crowd out there. They were saying, "How could this be? I can't believe my eyes!" These are people who've been fans of them for 50 years. And there's not article on them in the Metro Times? They're the biggest, best band in the world ever. It doesn't matter their style or their personal lives. No, what matters is that they played for 50 years and stayed together. No other band has done this. And the crowd explains their popularity.

If you want to do an article on them call me. My husband did an album with them. And I've been their fan and I'm looking to get a job with them — bongos, vocals, and dancing. Why not do something I enjoy and get paid for it? Especially someone with a work history like them."

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