Feedback (Jan 4-10)

In response to our coverage of President elect Donald Trump, reader Setha Kaleen had this to say.

Please stop saying that it is the working class that voted for Trump and put him in office. It was also the highly educated white male.

Anyone who stayed home or voted for Trump or a third party when they had the option of voting for the former U.S. Secretary of State did so because he or she does not like women. It wasn't Hillary Clinton's failure to reach the working class with her message. It wasn't because she allegedly is crooked. Americans don't like women.

Women, over 21, who wear yoga pants, miniskirts, or exposed cleavage to conventional places of work are dragging the rest of the female population down. They are participating in their own career suicide and weakening the rest of us who would like to help rule the world and create a better place to live.

There was a Christmas special where Jennifer Nettles was on TV singing while wearing a red bathing suit with fringe. After she was done, she introduced the next singer who was male. Did he come out in short shorts and open shirt exposing muscled pecks? NO, he was wearing blue jeans and a buttoned up shirt.

When we can't get one of the best qualified women elected president against someone who has no substantive credentials to be president it is time to rethink the message women are sending to others. It is also time to start calling out America on its dislike for women.

Last week we published a Trump Survival Guide, reader Bob Z. had this to say about it.

Metro Times,

The writers of this column are a bunch of cry baby hypocrites. Hillary lost OK. Should I send in some crayons, or Play-Doh, to get you through the trauma? They call out Trump for exploiting women, yet the Metro Times runs pages of pictures of naked women, as sex objects in your ads. Is this not sexual exploitation? Oh yeah, and the fact that Trump used the word "pussy" is so offensive. Yet the MT uses profanity routinely in your paper. The Metro Times has done more to encourage people to vote for Trump then you realize. When they read the MT, people realize just how depraved our culture has become. There is more to life than sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Thank you Metro Times.

Last week Alysa Offman wrote about Sen. Debbie Stabenow's rejection of Betsy DeVos' appointment of Secretary of Education. User "The People's Interest" shared this comment.

What is being pushed in this case is that big government is bad when it comes to serving the people public education is bad. Just like Social Security is bad. Universal healthcare is bad. Feeding and housing the unemployed and poor is bad. Anything run by the government for the people is broken and bad. They've pushed that dogma so long and so far that it's become 'common sense' to a large part of the population.

But big government is supposed to be good when it comes to a corporate supported military. It's good when it comes to privatized services, charters in this case. Big government is necessary to bail out corporations and banks — and their wealthy investors — when those institutions overextend and threaten to destroy the economy. Big government is OK when the regulators move in and out of the industries that they are regulating.

Because if you're rich or powerful, it's because you work hard and you're smart. Trump is a horrible narcissist, but people look up to him because they're told he's rich and he's smart. Normal tax dodgers go to jail. Rich tax dodgers become president.

Normal people are told that they're bad because they lost their job, they lost their house. It becomes a moral issue when average people can't pay off their debts, but when a rich person dodges their debts through bankruptcy, they are smart. Because it's all perfectly legal. That makes it OK. Who the fuck do you think has the laws written the way they are? Noam Chomsky? Not even close.

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