Feedback: Hip-hopping, politics, prejudices, ‘Controversy’ is still Madonna’s middle name, and more

Hip-hopping Downriver

Kahn Santori Davison wrote an overture on Downriver's hip-hop scene in last week's issue. Overall, the community seemed pleased with the story.

Reader "Anthony Rizzo" says: Much love to Metro Times! Thank you for the chance to reach further than Downriver. I have been reading Metro Times for years and haven't seen many articles hit close to home. Shout out to my man Valid for making it possible.

Reader "Benny Barrz" says: This article is a huge good look on Downriver Detroit hip-hop! I do feel, however, I was misquoted in a certain quote to where some may have mixed feelings and opinions, which I do as well, as in feeling it was completely taken out of context. No disrespect was ever meant. If you know me, you know what I'm talking about. Other than that this whole piece is an amazing, good look on the scene as a whole. Peace!

Reader "Chris" says: Downriver representing to the fullest. Good to see downriver cats coming out strong. Don't forget about Dagda, the Wyandotte native, he rips hard on stage and brings the place down. Much love to Metro Times for doing this article.

Politics, prejudices, and a lot of opinions

As usual, Jack Lessenberry's column "Criminals, racists, and Republicans" garnered plenty of heated comments.

Reader "Gullah McSpinty" says: If you die and go to Hell, the little red imps make you read this column every week, along with taking a cheese grater to the space between your toes and sticking a sharp stick in your eyes every 20 minutes.

Reader "Harry Palmer" says: I'm just waiting for what will be the inevitable false equivalency that some will use to rationalize the party sponsored corruption endemic of the GOP. Here's the difference from the GOP and every other political party. While there are bad actors and petty crooks in all parties, seems like the GOP has a problem with some of their party's core principles, which actually foster people like Agema, Rauwerdink, and Sedenquist. You think Agema still has a job because the GOP can't get rid of him? It's because if they do dump him, they'll anger and lose the white racist vote! And Rauwerdink is another white-collar criminal (although one who surprisingly served time) that the GOP probably thinks of as nothing more than a victim of "government overreach and meddling" into the banking system. Brian Banks? Sure, he's a crook but republican voters in Staten Island re-elected Michael Grimm, while under a 20-count federal indictment (he had to recently resign). Then just this week there's the Downton Abbey GOP congressman, who just resigned. So, guess republicans are not much better than democratic voters when it comes to returning crooks to office. Remember that next time you hear some conservative bitching about Kilpatrick.

'Controversy' is still Madonna's middle name

Last week Lee DeVito blogged about some disparaging comments Madonna made about her hometown of Rochester Hills. Some people agreed, some didn't, and some were annoyed that the whole thing even made it into the news.

Reader "Ed" says: I am outraged at the energy expended on this non-issue. She was saying how she felt, and everyone is in an uproar. It's a bland burb and having lived there, I agree with her sense of it. Oh, and It's good to see that the low-volume-fracking Mayor Barnett is taking the time to garner more votes for himself. Asshole.

Reader "JMPW" says: Madonna is the most provincial! This is the only way to explain the fact that she thinks that her cliché views of sexuality are edgy and pushing people's boundaries. Why has she ever thought, and why does she continue to think, that she is a tough pill for people to swallow? From day one she has perceived herself as being difficult for all of the common folks when in reality, she was immediately embraced by children, tweens who emulated her by wearing lace and rosaries. Suburban girls made her a star. Even they weren't shocked.

Reader "Bryan Williams" says: Didn't this bitch have a British accent a few years ago?

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