Feedback: GED comments, shots at Bill Schuette, and more


We got a few thoughtful responses to last week's cover story about the challenges facing those taking the new GED. Tim Brennan wrote:

In the article, it's stated "the test measures knowledge of ... Jefferson's analysis of a West Virginia court case ..." I would hope not. Jefferson died in 1826. West Virginia became a state in 1863. I liked the article and have my doubts I could pass the current GED.

And Lori posted on our website:

Having been an adult education teacher, I feel qualified to weigh in on the discussion regarding the 2014 GED exam. I began teaching adult ed in 2002, the year that a new exam was administered, and was concerned that I was teaching to a test. As time went on, I came to the realization that my students didn't have two years to spend in a classroom. They have children, jobs, and a myriad of other issues that don't allow this. If they can feel assured that they can accomplish their goal of a GED, they are more likely to stick with the program. As students become aware that it will require much more time than they have to give, they drop out of the program, never to return; whereas with the old test they are much more likely to come back at some future point. I know my students, and when I saw the 2014 test, I had the sinking feeling that most of my students would never be able to pass. For a minimum-wage job, it's too much of a hurdle.

We are failing the very people who just need a second chance at righting a mistake they made in their youth. I would be willing to bet that a majority of high school graduates could not pass this test; after all, look at the stats of the high school graduates who have to take remedial college classes.

This test and the people who are making money on the change have to be seriously reviewed and put some serious thought into who is taking the GED and why they are taking it.

Readers' shots at Schuette

Our blog post about a federal judge ruling that Michigan must recognize 300 same-sex marriages, and how Attorney General Bill Schuette said his office was "reviewing" the decision, generated some heat on our Facebook page. Comments included:

• Just give up, Schuette. You're not going to win!

• Why is Michigan so backward these days?

• You cannot deny equal protection under the law!

• Let it go, Bill.

• Schuette, give it up. Stop wasting taxpayer money on a losing battle.

• I love how tinhorn political hacks think they can ignore the Bill of Rights.

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