Feedback (Aug. 10-16)

Aug 10, 2016 at 1:00 am

After hearing that Syfy is airing the episode about the Whitney, reader Jennifer Schwab said:

I love the Whitney, but those Ghost Hunter people are ridiculous. Like when they were in an ancient German castle in GERMANY trying to speak to ghosts IN ENGLISH. *facepalm*

In response to Larry Gabriel's July 27 Stir It Up column, "Getting it right on Detroit's 1967 rebellion," reader Robert Frank had this to say:

I must say I disagree with Larry Gabriel's column calling the riots of '67 a rebellion. I was in Detroit during that time, rather than at camp like Larry. Of course, there are sociological and racist reasons why the riots happened, but a rebellion has a different flavor to it than a riot. A rebellion doesn't include senseless murder, nor the senseless burning down of one's own neighborhood and local businesses. There was no calling or purpose to the destruction of the city that took decades to begin to recover from. Sorry, but the two are quite distinct.

In response to Alexandra Fluegel's Aug. 5 blog post, "I-75 anti-Trump sign is the best thing we've seen all week," reader Bullwinkle says:

I hope he wins and pulls this country out of its eight-year-long hangover and [makes] all you ridiculous mother fucking [ignorant] libtards eat crow for every meal, you lazy, no good, dope-smoking, slack-ass bastards.

Reader Dongald TrumPutin says: Typical republitard logic. The illusion of Dems being in control when it's really right wing-friendly ultra-rich pulling the strings. Go back to watching pro wrestling and let the grownups talk.

A heated debate ensued in the comment section of Allie Gross' Aug 1. blog post, "Black Lives Matter releases a list of demands." Reader "LEGIN2Extra" had this to say:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not a black supremacy movement, first of all. BLM has never expressed that blacks are superior to anyone. Second, you know the sensationalism of BLM has been around for decades. It just now has a name and some organization. Blacks have always felt like our lives didn't matter in America and have always tried to show you that they do.

And it's not based off lies: Unarmed blacks are three to five times more times likely to be shot by cops during a regular traffic stop, three times more likely to be pulled over, receive harsher sentences for the same crimes that whites commit, more likely to be searched.

And yes, the reasons why a lot of blacks are getting killed by cops aren't justifiable. Resisting arrest, running away — those aren't justifiable reasons for murder. Cops have a shoot-first mentality when dealing with blacks, as if blacks are more dangerous.

And here's the hypocrisy: People will say, 'Blacks need to work hard, not depend on the government, and clean up their communities.' But, every time we have done that our leaders were killed or arrested, communities burned, and businesses shut down. And now we're trying to do it again: Let us police our own communities, rightfully punish cops (since the justice system doesn't), build our own communities, and live in autonomy and now everyones like, 'You can't do that. That's racist.'

What everyone fears is for the black community to become strong, prosperous, educated, and free-thinking. They're scared that if blacks become powerful, whites will be under attack as revenge for the past, which isn't the case. We want to live equal to whites. We want our piece of the pie and we will get it with or without the help of the government.