Feedback: Andrea Lavigne strikes again, and other letters to the editor

Apr 29, 2015 at 1:00 am

Andrea Lavigne strikes again

Dear Alysa:

My response to "Human trafficking survivor forum to be held in Detroit" on April 20, 2015, by Alysa Offman.

Since when is the Metro Times/Misogyny Times concerned about sex trafficking? The Metro Times/Misogyny Times publishes the most vile, sexist sex ads that sell naked women into legalized sex trafficking auction blocks, i.e., strip clubs, escorts, and Daddy's Little Girl porn videos in their Marketplace section.

If the Metro Times published vile, racist race ads that presented blacks as in just a vile, objectifying, and degrading but in a racialized way, into legalized race trafficking auction blocks or Minstrel Shows in a Marketplace section of a tabloid or any section at all, the black community would call them out on it. No one would say that those who opposed the sale of blacks were racially repressed or racial prudes. No one should be for sale on the Market. It doesn't matter whether the prostitution or strip club prostitution is legal or illegal in terms of so-called "legitimacy," it is still sex trafficking and just as unethical as selling blacks to whites in a slave culture or Jews to Aryan racists in an anti-Semitic culture or plug in any other warped classist power dynamic into the scenario.

What kind of scumbags would pick out one particular group (in this case women) to sell and purchase in the year 2015? What kind of publication would promote male entitlement over women's bodies in a rape culture? Hummm! What kind of morons would do this? The Metro Times in their Marketplace. The Metro Times/Misogyny Times Neo Liberal sexist rag mag thinks women are disposable cum dumpsters, the Niggers of the World. We protest racism, so we need to protest sexism too. We need legions of activists protesting the Metro Times.

Andrea Lavigne

The rich get richer, thanks to the poor

In response to Michael Jackman's blog entitled "Help one of Detroit's richest citizens by volunteering!" reader Tony Feldhus sent this reply.

Mr. Jackman,

Your article is spot on. I have wondered why people would donate their time and money to organizations that are blatantly self-serving PR moves by corporations. I have in my mind "Ronald McDonald House," wherein every McDonald's restaurant has a container on the sales counter where customers can donate their loose change. Huh? If it's Ronald's house, why isn't he ponying up the money for it, instead of the poor schmucks who patronize the place?

People need to think things through a little more thoroughly before they mindlessly contribute to a mega-corporation's self-serving, feel-good marketing efforts.

Thank you.

Tony Feldhus

The kids are all screwed

As usual, Jack Lessenberry's Politics & Prejudices column got a reaction from our more political readers. This time it was about the younger generation's mounting student loan debt.

Reader Jeff S. says, "And why does our government continue to insist that every high school grad needs to go to college when many of these young people will come out with useless degrees (along with debt) and no real job prospects? The government has set up the system for failure — including facilitating these student loans.

Young people don't need college educations. What they need is a skill that someone will pay them for. Trade and vocational schools are the answers. This is what the government should be funding for the future. Look no further than the new arena project and other downtown development projects. The jobs are out there but there aren't enough people to fill them. Instead, per the terms of a dumb "shake-down" agreement, the developers are required to hire a certain percentage of people who are illiterate and who have none of the necessary skills, i.e., carpenters, plumbers, electricians, iron workers, welders, etc.

What dream world are we in?"

Reader JLCGULL says, "Welcome to the caste society, Jack. By the way, your friend Debbie Dingell is a member of the Brahmin class. Her family founded General Motors. No matter what she says, she likes things just the way they are. Rich."