Facebook creep zeros in on area high school girls

Nov 18, 2010 at 11:58 am
From the Dept. of Too Many Creeps:

Some troubled dude has a strange hobby, collecting — Wait. No, this ain’t “Arnold Layne” (or Syd Barrett)

This particular guy got caught hoarding pics of high-school girls who showed some skin in bikinis and what not on their personal Facebook profiles, WXYZ says. It so happens that many of said shots are of students who attend area high schools, including those in Novi, Livonia and Wyandotte. Dude manipulated his way into becoming the girls’ friend and then, tra la la la.

Wyadotte cops looked into an earlier episode after fielding complaints from parents of students attending Roosevelt High School; the department somehow subpoeaned Facebook and Hotmail and discovered accounts belonging to Salem Issa and Issa Saleh, both registered in Saudi Arabia. Parents say Issa’s age was listed in his profile as 40, but dropped to 26.

In theory there are no actual laws broken here, this isn’t exactly child porn and individual privacy rights are somewhat decided by how a person sets his or her preferences on Facebook, which is, of course, designed for sharing.

But it’s this guy’s adherence to absolute misogynistic creepdom — his persistence in collecting teenage girls who can’t talk back while he stealthily stays just inside the law — that sickens.  It also shows how there’s a real battle between good and evil in social media. Shit, it’s so easy.

Back in the good old days, dudes like Arnold Layne had to use his eyes to collect. The shame!

Distorted view, see through baby blue

Oh, Arnold Layne

It’s not the same, takes two to know

Two to know, two to know

Why can't you see? —Syd Barrett