A little more about that fence around the Ambassador Bridge

Nov 10, 2010 at 12:00 am

News Hits editor Curt Guyette erred last week when he wrote in this space that there is no fence around the support structure on the Windsor side of the Ambassador Bridge. A photo passed along to us by one of our colleagues shows that is clearly wrong.

We sincerely regret the error.

We want to note, however, a few things. The fence in question, which wasn't there when we began writing about the issue, protects support piers closest to the water, but not all of them. Also, judging from those pictures, the buffer zone on the Canadian side is nowhere near the 150-foot cushion the bridge company has established on the American side by appropriating a swath of city parkland.

We were also told by Windsor Star reporter Dave Battagello that the Canadian-side fence didn't go up until after Detroit media began pointing out that none existed over there.

We stand by our contention that the real reason for the fence on the American side is to help the bridge company gain access to a piece of land critical to the construction of a second Ambassador span.

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