Dick’s head

If you like your politics topped with a frothy mix of sarcasm and satire, we recommend a visit to the Web site devos.wordpress.com. We came across the anonymously produced blog — titled "The Disembodied Head of Dick DeVos" — last week when it ran a mock response to this rag's cover story about the oh-so Republican candidate for governor.

Identified as the candidate with "all the money and half the brains," the disembodied Dick didn't much cotton to our investigation of his right-wing ways.

We quote:

"Metro Times Detroit has a story called 'You Don't Know Dick' that I have about a zillion problems with. I will list them below. Since my attention, like my tolerance, patience, charm and just about everything but the number of zeros in my undisclosed personal fortune is short, I may not be able to stay focused long enough to list them here."

Among the gripes made by the candidate's virtual alter ego about our story:

"It's long. My motto is 'If you can't say it in 15 seconds, I can't understand it!' Words to live by, Metro Times, words to live by."

We sent an e-mail to the site's creator, asking to chat, and received this reply: "Due to the fact that DeVos has demonstrated himself to be a lawyer-happy person who is not afraid to throw an armada of lawyers at opposition (see his Amway actions), I am maintaining a secret identity."

We thought for a moment that maybe the Jennifer Granholm campaign was behind the disembodied Dick, but quickly came to our senses and realized it was way too clever and innovative to have come from the guv's people.

As to the DeVos camp itself, we've received no response, humorous or otherwise.

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