Detroit vinyl roundup

Sep 26, 2007 at 12:00 am

I Feel Like a Jerk EP
X! Records

Sloppy, inept punk rock that's heavy on squealing guitar swaths which cut through the modesty a la the Voidoids. "(Having a) Fun Time" resurrects the audio verité of the Germs, while "You're Obscene" does the punk-by-numbers jig before spilling into a slow, sing-along-tempting breakdown. Nice!

The Nevari Butchers
The Herbst Silo

The hypnotic organ drone starts off calmly before overblown drum blasts sporadically resonate in the atmosphere. But it goes nowhere from there. Another noise coup by Aaron Dilloway that's not worth the $8 they're charging for it in the stores.

Terrible Twos
"Radical Tadpoles"
X! Records

The fluorescent keyboards punch aplenty (like the Screamers) and choppy time signatures that ignore the bits thrown in (part Famous Flames funky stabs, part Clone Defects schizoid interjection) make this damaged enough for even the most recalcitrant snob.

Ultimate Ovation
"It's the Weekend"

Impressive Curtrom-worthy '70s soul done by a vocal group that originally formed in 1967. Backed by the Force of Power Band (featuring the original Rocket 455 twin-guitar attack of Jeff Meier and Danny Kroha), both sides here cook with unprecedented charisma and swagger. Bassist Brad Hales steals the show, though, with his James Jamerson-inspired dexterity on "It's the Weekend." Essential.

"Exploding Mind"
Die Stasi

When "Exploding Mind" unpredictably locks on a choice, snare-heavy Caribbean-influenced riddim, we're all rewarded. This shit is bananas. Tossing a Devo cover ("Freedom of Choice") on the B-side just further proves that they know how to bring the noise. Grab their self-titled full-length on X! for even more weirdness.

"Linda Lovelace for President"

Campy, laid-back rap that rhymes "Chuck Norris" with "Delta Force," while infectious mariachi horns tantalize behind the over-entendre'd lyrics that hype the X-rated Deep Throat star for the Oval Office (of course, ignoring the fact that she's dead). "Pocket Pal" is more of the same naughtiness. These songs are fun and not much else. But isn't that the point?

The Metal Teeth
Wild Eyes EP
UFO Dictator

Their passable garage punk blues owes more to Blacktop than the Gories. The out-of-tune title track works in the favor of this trio from Kalamazoo, but it's still very ho-hum. In fact, the defaced baseball card that comes as an insert is the best thing about this release.

Georgio "the Dove" Valentino
File Under Sleazy Listening
Tom Perkins

People say this sounds like Roxy Music. And it does ... kinda. But with massive production and soaring vocals pumped to the front of the mix, "She's Got Eyes" feels more like the down-to-earth efforts of the Killers. "Bete Noire" is a sappy, samba-styled weeper. Eh.

Kevin Saunderson
History Elevate 1
Planet E

Carl Craig's remix of "Til We Meet Again" is a certifiable Detroit techno smash. With its tight, propulsive and understated bass throb, I can already hear the teeth grinding to this one.

"Summer Burns 2x7"
What's Your Rupture?

The fact that Tyvek is quickly becoming one of the most hailed bands on the tightly knit nerd-o-sphere of certain MP3 blogs is apparently lost on most people in this burg. Tyvek is the best band in Detroit. No question. The frenetic, haphazard geek rock spews inspiration to spare. Get with it now!

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